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Valentino Garavani – a name that sounds like heat and passion. Fiery designs, sizzling hot campaigns and exciting ideas – that's what the popular bags by the Italian trend label are all about. Right after the label was founded in 1959, things were looking up for Valentino Garavani and his Valentino label. One of his first customers to be seen with the extravagant Valentino designs was no other than the iconic Liz Taylor. Today, many celebrities including Cameron Diaz and Liz Hurley enjoy showing off the designer's minimalist, yet super feminine designs. In addition to his elegant robes, extravagant Valentino handbags continue to be highly sought after among Hollywood's elites. Many creations later and rewarded with worldwide success, Valentino Garavani took his leave from the world of fashion with one last huge fashion show in Paris in 2008, handing over the reins to the next generation of designers. Since the start of 2021, fashionette has been selling the popular and sought after handbags, shoes and belts, as well as other accessories under the name Valentino Garavani. Only the sunglasses have retained their branding as Valentino.

The Valentino Garavani trademark: classic Valentino red and the V logo

Valentino Garavani made his name with iconic red robes. His preference for the colour red has remained the label's highest recognition factor. The exceptional cuts and many decorative details with pearls and sequins Valentino likes to add to his bags are also very popular. The most recognisable detail is the V logo on bags, belts and accessories. Valentino was the first to use monograms on his own designer pieces.

Premium quality Italian designer label

The designs of the traditional Milanese label continue to uphold the high quality requirements of its founder and his signature look of elegance and minimalism. Smooth, premium leather and studs are the most recognisable design details of the label today. Each handbag clearly shows the label's eye for detail that makes each individual bag instantly recognisable as a luxury item. The success story of this high fashion label continues on without its founder and we will surely be enjoying these exclusive Italian designs for many years to come.

The absolute classic: The Rockstud Collection

If you are a fan of luxurious creations with Italian flair, but prefer the more extravagant designs with eye-catching details – then the Rockstud Collection by Valentino Garavani is the perfect choice for you! Contact our Customer Service department on + 49 (0)800 240 44 30 for more information about our handbags, shoes and other accessories by Valentino Garavani.