Sunglasses guide

Micro, aviator, shield or cat-eye – the choice of stylish sunglasses and trend silhouettes gets bigger every season. But which sunglasses actually fit your face best?

Use the shape of your face as a guide

Discover the most beautiful silhouettes for your face shape


You have an oval face

Your forehead and chin are slightly narrower – your cheeks more pronounced.
Square glasses are perfect for more distinctive contours. Round frames are the optimal choice to make your facial features appear softer.

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You have a round face

Cheeks and forehead are about the same width and you have a round chin.
Rectangular or square sunglasses are recommended to elongate your face and give it shape. Asymmetrical and cat-eye designs are also a good choice.

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You have a heart-shaped face

You have a narrow chin, your cheekbones are very prominent and you have a broad forehead.
Aviator glasses and round frames will bring balance to your chin and forehead.

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You have a square face

Your facial features are roughly equal in width.
Cat-eye, butterfly, aviator glasses and round designs will add a soft touch to your striking features.

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