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You’ve received your new shoes and want to put them to immediate use. That’s great! But we recommend waterproofing them first to protect them against dirt and stains. Shoes are constantly exposed to heat, water, dirt and friction, but regular waterproofing forms a long-lasting protective film. Different types of leather shoe require different types of specially designed care product. So when buying a waterproofing product, make sure it is suitable for your particular pair of shoes. Once waterproofed, your favourite shoes are ready to go!


Stains can of course form over time through normal use. But don’t worry, our tips can help here too. Depending on the type of leather, accessories such as a brush, a polishing cloth, a nubuck box, a sponge or even a soft eraser are required for cleaning. With the help of a cleaning foam or a cleaning lotion, individual areas can then be treated according to instructions. You can also use a shoe scent spray for unpleasant odours.
We use pictures to explain the individual steps for waterproofing and cleaning further down this page. We wish you many years of joy with your favourite shoes!

Cleaning suede shoes

Generally speaking, suede is characterised by a roughened appearance and a soft feel. Light stains can be treated as follows:
Step 1: First brush out the stain with a special suede brush
Step 2: If the stain is still visible, you can use the bamboo lotion and spray the stain from a distance of about 30 cm
Step 3: After allowing to soak in and dry, brush the stain out again
Step 4: After drying, a nubuck box can used to carefully roughen the fibres in the opposite direction, thus restoring the natural look of the suede

Cleaning smooth leather shoes

Smooth leather is processed in grained condition and with a fine appearance. Stains and dust should be gently removed from smooth leather:
Step 1: Spray the mild cleaning foam generously onto a polishing cloth and apply to the stains
Step 2: More stubborn stains can be sprayed and treated with bamboo lotion
Step 3: Apply neutral and colourless leather cream to the leather to provide long-lasting moisture and care

Cleaning synthetic leather shoes

Synthetic leather has an identical appearance to smooth leather and requires simple cleaning and care. Stains can be removed with a slightly moistened microfibre cloth. Alternatively, you can use a mild cleaning foam:
Step 1: Apply the mild cleaning foam generously to the polishing cloth
Step 2: Stains on the outsole can be treated with a midsole cleaner and polishing cloth
Step 3: Regular waterproofing is a useful and necessary final step

Cleaning patent leather shoes

The special thing about patent leather is its high-gloss appearance. The shoe is optimally protected by the lacquered layer. However, if stains appear on the shoes, they can be treated with little effort:
Step 1: Generously apply a mild cleansing foam to the areas to be cleaned using a polishing cloth
Step 2: Bamboo lotion helps with stubborn stains
Step 3: Protective bags provide optimum protection for patent leather shoes when in storage

Cleaning canvas shoes

Canvas is made of strong cotton fabric and has a robust structure right from the get-go. Stains and dirt should be treated as follows:
Step 1: Spray the dirty areas generously with the bamboo lotion
Step 2: Rub the affected areas with the polishing cloth
Step 3: Regular and lasting waterproofing is necessary to prevent further stains