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How to Tend to Your Designer Handbags

The right care for your designer bags – our most important tips and tricks
There are a couple of things you should pay attention to before using your bag for the first time, and in everyday use, so that you can enjoy your favourite accessory for as long as possible. We have brought together the most important care tips and tricks here.
The most important steps

Waterproofing spray

We recommend that you waterproof every handbag. This lets you protect it well against rain and moisture, and prevents any unpleasant stains. You can get a good waterproofing spray at a reasonable price. It's important that this is reapplied about every six weeks, so that the effect isn't lost over time. The rule of thumb here: less is more! Too much spray can permanently damage the leather. In other words, you should apply only a little spray, but do so regularly.
Your product also shouldn't be exposed to strong sources of light or heat (including sunlight), and you should protect it against squeezing, friction and moisture (including rain).
Did you know that moisture can also form in plastic bags? That's why it's best to use the included dust bag for storage of your handbag.

Handbag cleaning

If your handbag ever does get wet and end up with a water stain, please avoid UV light or heating warmth. UV light fades the leather and affects its quality; heating warmth can lead to breakage or deformations. The best thing to do to dry a leather bag is to stuff it with plenty of paper and dry it in the fresh air.
If your bag has a stain: Don't panic – there is usually an easy way to get rid of it! Initially you can try removing the stain with a special sponge or leather eraser, to be as gentle on the bag as possible. Please first test the cleaning tool in an inconspicuous place on your bag, to make sure that it is suitable for your handbag. An absolute no-go is nail polish remover: This will only worsen the stain and can permanently damage the leather.

Care of various types of leather
Each handbag is different, and every type of leather has different needs. This means there are different ways to care for it. Here you can see the best tips at a glance.
Smooth leather

Smooth leather refers to all leather types whose grain side faces outward. There are numerous types of smooth leather. On some, the natural grain structure is still visible, others are simply smooth.
Handbags made of smooth leather are generally cared for with a special care lotion. This makes sure that the leather stays supple for a long time, and the handbag is protected from fading by a UV filter.
An alternative is the use of a care cream, which is similar to a lotion, and ensures the suppleness of the handbag. The only difference is in the consistency. For both products it is important not to apply too much at once. Too much product can cause unsightly stains, as the leather cannot take up all the care solution. The cream may also stain your clothing.

Rough leather

Rough leather is leather that has a buffed surface featuring a velvety texture and an appealing warm touch. This leather type includes buckskin, suede and nubuck. Rough leather is particularly delicate, and therefore needs special and sensitive care. Make sure that you use products that are specially designed for rough leather, such as foam, spray or lotion. We also recommend that you regularly roughen the leather with a brush, in order to prevent smooth sections. With this leather, you should also apply waterproofing product about every six weeks.
Small stains and slight contamination can be easily brushed off; with large stains, you can use a special eraser for nubuck or suede. An absolute no-go for cleaning rough leather is water! Please never clean your handbag with water and soap, this will only make the stains worse.

Patent leather

Patent leather is a high-gloss grainless leather that has a lacquered surface or is covered with a glossy, smooth film. This means that handbags made of patent leather are the least demanding of all leather bags when it comes to care. The leather is behind the lacquer, and therefore well-protected. There is also no need for care lotion, cream or grease, and any stains or dampness can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
However, these handbags need to be stored carefully, as the patent leather is susceptible to scratches, and also absorbs dyes and colours from other items. To prevent discolouring of your patent leather bag, please avoid extended contact with other leather handbags, and make sure it has plenty of space around it.


Even though canvas bags aren't in the leather category, they should still be treated with care. The cotton weave material is generally quite robust, but stains or splashes of water are always possible. Dirt on an uncoated canvas bag can be cleaned off with standard household products. A damp sponge and mild soap are all that's needed to remove a stain.
Tip: If you're looking for a particularly robust handbag, you can purchase a PU-coated canvas bag. These are not only water-repellent, but also very resistant against stains!