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Balenciaga by fashionette

For women who do not see "Rock the road" as a slogan, but rather as a way of life.

Balenciaga in the city

Street style belongs to Balenciaga in 2018. They are making a real foray into the world of the modern urbanista. Designs inspired by everyday objects, with a look that is easy, ingenious and chic all at the same time.

The new kid on the block

The best example is the most recent creation: the 'Bazar' shopper. It surprises with colourful block stripes and the fact that its shape has been reduced to its original purpose: to be a carrier bag - as we know from every supermarket. But don't worry, the luxurious materials and refined design leave no hint of a thought that this is an accessory from last week's shopping.

And those who like it less innovative or creative can continue to rely on old acquaintances like the City Tote Bag. They are of course on hand to bring lively colours to the streets just in time for the new season.


Balenciaga Handbags & Accessories

Cristóbal Balenciaga is renowned as one of the most important fashion designers of the 20th century. Not only was Christian Dior a big fan of the Spanish designer, numerous fans worldwide wait impatiently for his latest creations in fashion. It can be stated that each new Balenciaga collection is the highlight of every fashion show. Back in his day, Cristóbal Balenciaga feared his designs being stolen by other designers. As a result, he made sure to showcase his latest designs one month later than other designers had showcased theirs. His Couture Fashion has always been one of the most anticipated collections of each season and still is today.

Style Icons and It-Girls love Balenciaga Handbags

Balenciaga handbags reached a high level of luxury quickly in the fashion industry as a result of the designer handbags being worn and loved by style-icons including Marlene Dietrich and Grace Kelly. The simple but elegant designs were exactly what high society women had been waiting for. Today, celebrities and it-girls like Nichole Ritchie and Kim Kardashian have been spotted with Balenciaga Motorcycle Handbags which has in turn, inspired thousands of women to do the same. This proves that the classy designs of the brand still strike a nerve with modern fashion junkies. This was especially true in the early 2000’s when Balenciaga was looking to recreate the image of their brand. After Head of Design Nicolas Ghesquière helped the brand create a fresh modern start in the 90’s, the well-distinguished Fashion Rebel Alexander Wang took over in 2012 and created a signature design which never lost focus and has now become the well-tried classical look known as Balenciaga. Are you also a fan of Alexander Wang and his breathtaking Balenciaga Handbags? Then you should also check out his own label with its tough handbags in our online shop or do you like other brands as well? Fashionette does have more than 100 brands like Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, or Tommy Hilfiger

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