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"Master of us all," Balenciaga was once called by Christian Dior, and indeed he was. The Spanish designer, born in a small fishing village in 1895, is one of the greatest fashion creators of the 20th century, dominating the Parisian fashion scene during the golden age of Haute Couture. After opening Haute Couture salons in Spain and France, hundreds of people traveled across Europe in the mid-20th century to acquire the new collection by Cristóbal Balenciaga. No one wanted to miss out on his daring and unique creations. To protect his designs from being copied by other designers, Balenciaga always presented his collections a month later than the other Couture designers on the runways.

Balenciaga was known for his unparalleled standards as a couturier. His unusual, feminine, yet ultra-modern forms were also trademarks of the house. His silhouettes became progressively more linear and slender over the years. In the 1960s, Balenciaga's fashion was an innovator in the use of fabrics: he leaned towards heavy materials, intricate embroidery, and bold materials. His often austere, sculptural creations are considered the elite of Haute Couture.


Balenciaga's fashion is a fascinating blend of traditional elegance and modern avant-garde. The flowing fabrics and particularly striking blouse creations, cape boleros, and balloon skirts are still considered masterpieces today. The refined collar cuts, in particular, make Balenciaga dresses and tops distinctive. Since its inception, the house has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the fashion world, and each collection represents the boldness, spirit of experimentation, and distinctive style of the brand. Whether it's simple, timeless silhouettes or bold designs, Balenciaga consistently manages to surprise and inspire the fashion world. The legacy of Cristóbal Balenciaga lives on in every garment adorned with the iconic label, setting the standard for luxury fashion worldwide.


In the past, Balenciaga was worn by Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich. Nowadays, stars like Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian clamor for the trendy Balenciaga handbags. Thanks to designer Nicolas Ghesquière, who breathed new life into the luxury brand and created more beautiful Balenciaga handbags than ever. Ghesquière, like Balenciaga, is a self-taught designer and was an apprentice to Jean-Paul Gaultier and Agnes B. His hip, fresh interpretation of Balenciaga classics caught the attention of the media as well as celebrities like Madonna and Sinead O'Connor.

Today, Demna Gvasalia (also known as Demna) is the creative force behind the successful brand, pushing it forward with edgy yet classic designs. The brand is now part of the Italian Gucci Group, but remains true to its original character and is still a must-have, not only on the world's red carpets. Currently, the legendary Balenciaga collections can be admired in their own museum in his small hometown, which was dedicated to Cristóbal Balenciaga in 2011 by the Spanish Queen Sophia. However, if you want to acquire one of the popular Balenciaga handbags with couture quality directly, you can easily order them online.


Balenciaga shoes are another highlight of the brand, reflecting the innovative design philosophy of the house. The brand has reinvented itself with its shoe creations. Models like the Balenciaga shoe "Triple S" stand out, which influenced the "Chunky Sneaker" trend with its sculptural volume and combination of three different sole types. In comparison, the Balenciaga shoe "Speed Trainer," introduced in 2017, is characterized by its sleek sock construction and architecturally shaped sole. Both models caused a sensation in the street style and social media world due to their viral presence.

Demna Gvasalia also likes to draw inspiration from the readymade art of Marcel Duchamp, elevating everyday objects into the high fashion cosmos. An example of this is the popular Balenciaga shoe "Track" – an interpretation of the trekking shoe, with overlays of the classic design arranged in multiple layers. Overall, Balenciaga's shoe creations are evidence of the timeless modernity and aesthetic sensitivity that distinguish the brand.

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