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Designer slippers, slides and mules are must-haves for your summer and spring styles – and even evening looks! The trendy styles are characterised by open heels and are therefore not only chic but also comfortable.


The comfortable slipper started out as a classic house shoe, as the open heel was practical to 'slip into', which is also the inspiration for the name. It wasn’t long before the slipper established itself as an essential fashion staple in the footwear world. The slipper is exclusively flat, but at least as versatile as designer slip-on shoes. More classic loafers are often upgraded with chain and metal details, which quickly turn heads. Pair elegant slip-on shoes with jeans and a loose top to create a sporty-casual look. Combine open slides with feminine and airy dresses to create a clever clash of styles and draw everyone’s attention.


A variation on this are modern mules. Designer mules combine the look of elegant heels with the comfort of flats . Simple though they are, they complete any outfit and radiate a sense of style. The open shoe first established itself as a chic slipper distinguished by its heel, until eventually the trend conquered the street style world. Nowadays, slip-on shoes are an absolute must-have in every wardrobe – not least because of their versatile styling options. In addition to the unmistakable comfort of slip-on shoes, the shoe styles offer a range of designs and shapes that make any styling combination possible. With mules, you can play with the heel height to create the perfect style for every occasion. Designer mules with smaller heels are perfect for everyday looks, while a chic stiletto will round off your evening outfits. Just as popular is the classic block heel, which gives you even more scope for combinations. Modern slides come with platform soles and create exciting silhouettes that turn your casual look into a real eye-catcher.

More summery slipper styles are available with playful raffia soles similar to those of espadrilles; floral appliqués or in natural fabrics such as linen and canvas. The choice of slippers, slip-on shoes and slides is as diverse as your own style and leaves no fashion dreams unfulfilled.


The difference between slippers and mules may not always be obvious, but there are a few typical features that distinguish the two trendy shoes. Perhaps the biggest difference between the comfortable shoe styles is the heel. Slippers are traditionally flat, which also makes them comfortable all-rounders. The heel of slip-on shoes or mules can vary greatly, providing options for every look and occasion. Fashion houses like Gucci and Bottega Veneta have brought the classic shoe back onto the catwalk in modern silhouettes and thus onto the fashion radar. Another popular type of slip-on shoe is the mule. These classics, which were worn by style icon Marilyn Monroe as early as the 50s, have been enjoying great popularity again for a few seasons now. The distinguishing feature of mules is their high, open heel, often combined with a platform. Luxury brands like Bottega Veneta and Gucci have reinvented the shoe with their own style and brought it to the catwalks. Both shoe styles, slippers and slip-on shoes, are generally open at the heel and can have either a closed or open toe. Designer slides, on the other hand, have an open heel and toe. This feature makes designer slides absolute fashion essentials. Whether at the beach, the pool or even just at home – there’s no quicker way to slip into a stylish pair of shoes. Another feature is the flat sole of the slipper. Not only does this ensure unparalleled comfort, the sporty-chic touch adds a modern flair to all your outfits, similar to Bottega Veneta mules.


Like slippers, slides have made their way back into the fashion world – from Balenciaga and MCM to Prada, nowadays it’s hard to imagine collections without comfy designer slides. If you like elegant slippers, slides and mules, check out other brands like Love Moschino, Givenchy, Valentino or Chloé at fashionette.