White Loafers - timeless footwear

Although the original loafer was created in the USA, the various designs quickly became popular in Europe. This is why many people associate loafers with the classic brit chic. Combined with a timeless Burberry trenchcoat and a fine sweater this look became a trademark for the british style. Later on loafers even found their way to Italy, where the simple design was upgraded by Gucci with the typical snaffle decoration on the top of the shoe. From then on the white loafer is a carry over item in their collections until today.

For many years the loafer has shown its sense of style, now you can show yours and order one of our many different white loafer designs from our various brands here at Fashionette.

We love white Loafers! Shop the elegant shoe classic at Fashionette

Huge Fashion labels like Gucci, Prada or Tod´s have one thing in common: they owe their success to one Accessory – the white loafer. This timeless footwear is something that never goes out of style. No matter if it is made out of smooth leather or even shiny materials, the loafer is a true classic. Since the early 1920s the loafer has its fans all over the world. Firstly created as a classic college shoe it was primarily worn in elite universities and ivy league colleges. As the perfect unisex shoe, loafers were always worn equally by men and women, the classic combination consisting of chino pants, socks and tassel loafers is still worn until today. This university chic is never out of style.

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