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Pouches – small bags that make a very big entrance: the secret heroes among the bags, they not only save evening styles but will become your everyday favourite.
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Pouches – multi-talents with style. What is a pouch actually?

A pouch is a “small sack”. What on earth is that? No worries! Modern versions don’t have anything to do with dull jute sacks or grocery bags. A pouch is a small bag that can be used both as a cosmetics bag and an evening bag. These everyday heroes, that normally have a zip, are also big multi-talents in regards of versatility and fabulous glamour queens. Pouches are distinguished by their small size; their depth often varies meaning that you can fit more in them than you would think: There are flat models and those that unfold up to 10 cm. Does this already sound good? Well, it gets even better! Leather types such as soft lamb’s leather, calves leather or cowhide are the preferred materials, giving the bags a nice shape and ensuring that they are durable. The leather can be either smooth or elaborately embossed. And for all those who like things a little more eye-catching, there are elegant bags made of fake fur or with large logo letters, such as those from Saint Laurent or Givenchy. Kenzo and King Karl Lagerfeld, for example, also cut a good figure: It doesn’t matter if it’s carried as a bag or hidden in the large sister bag.

Pouches are versatile and lovely bags for ladies who live life to the full

Chaos queens, now it’s time to stop that annoying rummaging in your handbag for lipstick, eye-liner, muesli biscuit, keys & co, because clever women now store all loose things in one of these chic pouches. The small shoulder bags ensure order with style and not only in your bag! They are perfect all-in-one accessories that guarantee maximum spontaneity. In the event that, after a hectic day, a woman forgets the rendezvous for dinner with her loved one or drink with the girls and it’s nearly too late – don’t panic! She has everything needed to spruce herself up and is already holding the right evening bag in her hands. Et voila – ready to go.