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Veni, Vidi, ...Versace sunglasses for ladies

Versace! The name speaks for itself! Fashion fans associate it with luxury made in Italy and their pulses start racing when they set their eyes on the fashion and the accessories. Gianni Versace founded the label in 1978; he was murdered in a shooting incident. His sister Donatella and his brother Santo took over the directorship of the label and made Gianni Versace’s legacy into one of the world’s leading fashion empires. There is great public interest in the family history of the Versaces: Time and again, scandals, absurdities, intrigues and friendships with international VIPs create headlines; the life of the family clan surrounding the platinum-blond Donatella has even been filmed for television and cinema. But the fashion does not recede to the background, despite the gossip: Versace skilfully manages to combine elegance and extravagance. How does that look? Colourful, dainty, feminine and sexy.

Summer, sun, sunshine: Not without Versace sunglasses, Amore!

O sole mio! The Italians make the most chic and loveliest sunglasses. No wonder, because the ladies from the Riviera and Adriatic Coast cannot do without their Versace sunglasses. So it’s logical that the stylish and elegant fashion lovers want to wear the matching frame on their nose for every outfit. Versace offers a range of luxurious and high-quality sunglasses: the sporty bike glasses, sexy cat-eyes form of the fifties and the circular John Lennon memorial glasses are only a few succinct examples from the range for sunny days and summer nights. The glasses are mostly decorated with studs, rhinestones or the golden logo of the label. What’s more: You’ll see the sunglasses time and again on VIPs such as Naomi Campbell, pop stars like Lady Gaga and Rihanna and It girls of high society from the USA... and of course, soon on YOU!