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Prada Sunglasses

Prada bags shine with classy reserve but Prada sunglasses win you over with their original design and opulence. Striking but always lady-like, you will draw all eyes towards you with Prada Sunglasses. The flair of days gone-by pulsates in every model. Prada Sunglasses in retro chic Sixties icons such as Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly would have worn Prada Sunglasses. Large sunglasses in a lovely face awaken interest in their wearer. A little bit of eccentricity is also important.

Prada Sunglasses with iconic effect

Minimal Baroque: The word Minimal is perhaps misleading, because everything about this sunglasses model by Prada is voluptuous. The curved shape of the side is actually reminiscent of an artfully decorated baroque building. The large glasses would have made Holly Golightly green with envy. Poeme: These Prada Sunglasses are an ode to all those who like things to be particularly eye-catching. A wide rim and flattened top edge accentuate the eyebrows. “Bold brows” are totally trendy at the moment. With this chic pair of glasses you can wear – or remove the trend, exactly as you like. Cast: Like James Dean or Marlon Brando, ladies can identify with this Prada model. The angular glasses are an extravagant touch and look particularly cool in the brown-mottled havana pattern.

Journal: These Prada Sunglasses recall the 1960s era. Perhaps Hunter S. Thompson wore some like this as he travelled through Puerto Rico, writing his “Rum Diary“. Even Marilyn Monroe wore the round version of the glasses. The Swinging Sixties are still a fashion inspiration this year. Cinema: While we’re on the topic of the 1960s: The Prada ladies sunglasses in the Cinema model could maybe have been worn by representatives of the French film genre Nouvelle Vague. Jean Seberg would definitely have been well protected from the sun and the paparrazi in the shooting breaks for “A Bout de Souffle“ with this model. The Prada Sunglasses from our online shop are definitely not only the ideal protection from the light. In the twinkling of an eye they give the wearer an aura of worldliness. Who doesn’t want to feel like a Hollywood diva!?

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