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Free your grey Sneaker love with Fashionette

If there is one shoe that we cannot live without, it is definitely our beloved grey sneaker. Nothing has changed fashion as much as this casual footwear which can be worn any time of the day. Today´s popularity of sneakers goes way back to the beginning of the 20th century when a new Croquet-shoe made of linen and with a rubber sole was invented. Labels like Converse quickly discovered the design for themselves and created all-time-classic sneaker styles.

In the 1950s the actor James Dean brought the casual footwear to fame when he was wearing sneakers during a fotoshooting. From then on sneakers were celebrated as footwear of the youth. The image change of the sneaker from casual to allround -shoe took place many years later and today it can even be worn at the office. Something that no one would have thought of back in the 1950s. No more struggling with High Heels and uncomfortable shoes: Today women can wear grey sneakers to every occasion. This is why everybody loves the sneaker.

Why grey Sneakers are never out of fashion

Sneakers are booming like never before. Every day there is a new creation on the market that we just have to have and a new designer to discover. Perfect for you, that Fashionette has a large selection of classic and fancy sneakers and maybe just the right pair for you. Underline your individuality with a cool pair of Adidas superstars or stand smiths or just be casual with a trending pair of Michael Kors sneakers. Every style, every color – take a look at our selection and find your perfect fit.

For more information about our grey designer sneaker, feel free to call our customer service team at 2033072550. Discover Designer Bags and Shoes and many other exclusive designers like Gucci, Valentino or Chloé at Fashionette.