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Black sneakers on the victory march

Sporty, elegant and absolutely perfect for everyday wear, black sneakers have earned their place on the “Walk of Fame”. In recent seasons on the catwalks they have been streets ahead of models such as high heels, thanks to their flair and sportiness. The times when you had to wear at least 5 cm heels at the office and the nightclub bouncer insisted on a minimum of 8 cm are long gone. Black sneakers are everywhere – on the red carpets, catwalks and at the office, in the city, the bars and clubs: These comfortable flats are now so elegant and have such high-quality shapes, they cut a good figure with suits just as much as with dresses or skirts. With studs, hidden heels, large satin bows or colourful rhinestones, designers such as Michael Kors, Valentino and Isabel Marant Étoile really show what a black sneaker can do. A blockbuster which has finally been declared socially acceptable.

Independent, flexible, easy-care: these elements make the black sneaker a style winner:

the shoes can now be worn whatever the season! This saves not only money, dear ladies, but also leaves room in your shoe rack for many other models from your favourite designers. Colourful and stylish, these comfortable flats can definitely be worn the whole year without receiving disapproving glances. Flexible? Was exactly does that mean: flexible? Who doesn’t know the situation: A woman stands in front of her wardrobe with the doors flung wide open and laments that she can’t find anything that really matches. That’s the moment for black sneakers: Because whichever look you choose, the sneakers will either match a casual look perfectly or set a skilful breach of style. And last but not least, we have found one of the best arguments: black sneakers are so unbelievably easy-care. You don’t notice stains immediately and if they occur, you can easily wipe them off en route with a damp cloth. We love shoes like this!