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Michael Kors jewellery – fashionable accessories with character

The American fashion brand Michael Kors represents pure jet set feeling all over the world. From fashion to bags via accessories and much more, the designer defines an unmistakeable style that brings luxury, sportiness and class down to a common denominator. Just as in his fashion, Michael Kors also focuses on this look in his jewellery: Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and watches expand the range perfectly. Each item is made of high-quality stainless steel which has lifelong durability if it is cared for properly. During the second stage, the basis material is covered with gold, silver or rosé gold. Michael Kors jewellery receives its typical look during the last step: sparkling rhinestones, striking engravings or fine pearls are the last touch and create harmonious accents. The balance between luxurious and sporty really works: Delicate necklaces add a filigree emphasis to every décolleté, rings add brilliant highlights – and small but eye-catching earrings are the finishing touch. Just classy: Each of these numerous gems matches the others perfectly and can therefore be easily combined.

Michael Kors jewellery is luxury whatever your type

With his designs, Michael Kors manages to cover the entire range of tastes. Whether it’s delicate or heavy link chains, big statement earrings or rings made from elegant metallic colours: making a choice isn’t easy. But all Michael Kors jewellery has one thing in common: Each one of these gems conveys a sense of self-assuredness without appearing to overdo things, bringing a wisp of jet set chic to dreary grey days. The range at fashionette offers an exclusive choice of the loveliest gems for many occasions – at the office, for dinner, as a present or at a wedding, you can find suitable Michael Kors jewellery. There’s also something for everyone regarding colour, no matter whether you are blond, brown or a redhead: Gold is wonderful, especially for all darker types; it’s timeless and luxurious. Rosé gold harmonises elegantly with pale red-haired types because it provides gentle emphasis thanks to its soft colouring. Silver, on the other hand, is perfect for cooler blond types and has a subtle and classy elegance against delicate skin.