Guess Backpacks - tempts the stars

Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore – the list of famous Guess models goes on. Guess is young fashion – imaginative, stylish, always novel, but still recognizable in its uniqueness. Guess backpacks are true all-rounders that can accompany their owners every day while still having that certain something. They truly embody the meaning of having fun with fashion. Perhaps the good weather in California plays a role in how the designers are always coming up with fresh new ideas?

Guess Backpacks at Fashionette

Relaxed streetwear styles or fancy ensembles, whatever style you prefer, Fashionette has the matching Guess backpack ready for you. As backpacks come in all shapes and colors, they are super easy to combine to your favorite looks. Monogram prints, black nylon and other brand signatures are, of course, included in the new old trend. From larger to smaller styles, backpacks combine casual style, a practicable carrying option and comfortable chicness in just one bag, attesting both a thing for old classics and a casual sense of style to its owner.

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