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Trend factor: Black rucksacks

If a flap bag is too small and a Shopper too unwieldy, then rucksacks are a comfortable possibility to store all your important things and do your body a favour at the same time. The weight is distributed stylishly and evenly across your back. And there is a further plus: Both hands remain free. If hardened champions of the shoulder bag still need another reason to move over to an elegant rucksack, then here’s a fashionable style tip from us: You can’t go wrong with a black rucksack. Why is this? A black ladies rucksack is stylish but nevertheless conveys trendiness. Made of leather – with quilted padding and metallic buckles – it is the embodiment of noblesse with a touch of urban lifestyle. In summary: Your style barometer will easily rise with a rucksack in black!

Back to the future: Elegant, black rucksacks take a leading fashion role!

Once upon a time: We knew about rucksacks for school, hiking, travelling ... and then for a long time there was nothing. Until the day when the Chanel fashion company experimented and brought rucksacks onto the catwalks. No sooner said than done – and the fashion world was jubilant. But things don’t always have to be colourful and striking; that’s why rucksacks in elegant black are the answer to many things and round off your look in a trendy way without being too “in your face”. So how do you find the right one? Here’s our tip: Make sure you choose high-quality workmanship, preferably made out of leather. Silver and gold appliqués should be used subtly. Fashionable touches are created with fringes, bags pendants or logo imprints. Browse our online ship by fashionette and discover our city rucksacks for example! It’s impossible to make a bad purchase – quite simply because black rucksacks really always go with everything!