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Designer Totes: More Than Just a Temporary Trend

Get used to tote bags – they’re here to stay. Perfect for “toting” things around, they’re the most common kind of bag used for going shopping. Leather tote bags offer tons of practical possibilities thanks to their roomy interiors and easy to handle design.

The Tote Bag: Your Constant Companion

Designer Totes can even be taken to the beach since they offer enough space for waterfront essentials including towels and suntan lotion. The most striking feature of the tote bag is its decidedly short handle, which means you can only carry it casually over your wrist or dangling from your shoulder. The tote bag enjoyed a surge in popularity in 2007, when designer Anya Hindmarch created her now-famous model with “I am not a plastic bag” printed on the front. It was limited to a run of 20,000 pieces. She wanted to make a political statement by calling for a sustainable solution to our growing environmental problems by doing away with plastic bags. It was a runaway success: The bags, which retailed at £5 each, sold out within the first hour. In Japan, 30 people had to take a trip to the hospital as of result of being injured in the stampede for one of the coveted tote bags. Shortly thereafter, the bags began appearing on eBay for upwards of £200. Isn’t that reason enough to buy an “it” tote bag today? You won’t find any lines or crowds here. At Fashionette you’ll simply find the hottest handbag models, all of which can be easily ordered online.

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