Prada Shopper

It is the most sought-after bag of the Italian fashion house. The Prada Shopper bag makes your heart beat faster. We love it, whatever version it comes in. How about you?

The allure of the Prada Shopper

Simple angular shape, two stable handles and the classic is ready. Prada has been using this tried-and-trusted recipe for years. Both practical and chic at the same time, the Prada Shopper is ideal for everyday use. Whether it’s in business or on a shopping tour – you’ll make a good impression with this handbag. The large amount of space for storage is particularly practical, and the intelligent compartment division that makes long searching unnecessary – despite the size of the bag.

Prada Shopper bag – lesson about materials

Boredom is not the order of the day with Prada bags, despite the simple shape. There are far too many versions for this. Even choosing the right material can become a (pleasant) ordeal.

Saffiano leather: The classic among the leather types. Prada is regarded as the inventor of this type of leather. The typical cross-shaped structure makes the Prada shopping bag particularly stable – ideal for stressful everyday use. Take note: When it’s saffiano leather, then take Prada.

Smooth leather: The name Prada is a byword for pure luxury. It therefore follows that a Prada Shopper bag made of smooth leather is also a particularly haptic experience. The butter-soft leather is so silky smooth that you will find yourself stroking your Prada Shopper, almost subconsciously.

Nylon: Yes, Prada also uses this functional fabric. The Tessuto Bomber line recalls winter jackets lined with down. This means that the label is breaking away from the classic pattern. Despite this, the Prada Shopper bag is also a bestseller.

Canvas: A Prada Shopper made of fabric is particularly light and easygoing. Using it is particularly easy, meaning that a bag like this is perfect for your leisure time. How about a picnic or a trip to the beach?

So you can see: the Prada Shopper is anything but drab. With the right bag on your arm, you will be master of any situation. The Prada Shopper is an allrounder that you soon won’t want to do without.

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