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Necklaces for all those who love elegance

A perfect look first becomes perfection with the matching jewellery; whether it’s subtle or a statement piece, a necklace can be an ideal finish to emphasise the wearer’s sex appeal or underline a modern classy air. The current trend focuses on filigree necklaces such as waver-thin anchor chains with subtle pendants. Selected jewellery items from collections by Emporio Armani, Michael Kors or Thomas Sabo offer a very good choice at the moment. Particularly sought-after, not on for jewellery, but also in all blogs and magazines: Logos! It’s only logical! The respective monograms or icons are embossed on small plates, serving as delicate pendants on the necklaces. But also triangles, squares, flowers, castles and hearts have an extremely attractive effect. If you like things to be bolder, then try a statement necklace by Swarovski that creates plenty of glamour with choice crystals. So-called choker necklaces, known from the 1990s, that sit tightly on your neck, are also an excellent choice for setting trends.

Necklaces are the icing on the cake for your styling and spread plenty of charm

Fashionistas known what counts when it comes to chic necklaces: If you combine high-quality materials and trendy designs in jewellery for women, you will create irresistible accessories. Gleaming sterling silver, glittering gold and steel with rosé-coloured finish are what ladies’ hearts desire, just as much as sparkling crystals or pearls. They not only represent beauty, luxury and pure glamour, but are the epitome of all these values, thereby fulfilling all the aspects that many women dream of in their day-to-day lives. But as in life generally jewellery, especially necklaces, is all about getting the right balance: that’s why modern women of today prefer necklaces that have an exceptionally feminine and glamorous effect through their filigree workmanship. They lend business and leisure fashion a touch of elegance, without taking away too much focus away from the chic designer bag, for example. The wearer is therefore adorned but never overloaded and always dressed suitably for every occasion.