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Micro Bags

The minimalist is nothing for women who are en route with heavy luggage. But never fear: nobody has to do without maximal style with a Micro bag.

Micro bags – size does matter

The newest trend handbags are now available in mini format. Furla, Prada, Givenchy & Co.: Many luxury labels have discovered the micro trend and are making their classics smaller. There were times when handbags couldn’t be big enough. The trend has now made a U-turn: Designers are reducing the formats and the bag scene is enthusiastically grasping the maximum style experiences with microscopically small bags. Luxury labels are reducing their signature bags to mini formats – such as the famous “Cahier bag” by Prada or even a Michael Kors rucksack, which has been reduced to a trendy 20 cm in height. Small but sweet! Many of the newest trendsetters are down to around 30 cm; the word is that in the future, your entire worldly goods will have to be stored in maximum 10 centimetres. One advantage is their minimal weight – the times when women have to stagger across the city with heavily loaded totes are fortunately passé.

Three good reasons to love Micro bags

Having a good clear-out is trendy So much is clear: there’s not a lot of space in the Micro bags. Mobile phone, keys, card wallet and with a little luck, your small lip gloss – perfect for all those who find it difficult to clear out their bags very often. The choice is enormous Whether it’s a miniature edition of the sought-after classics, completely re-invented styles, crossbody or belt bag – the bag trend may be a reflection of minimalism, but this does not mean that it lacks refined details, nor does the micro format lack variety. With small highlights such as studs, appliqués or pendants, the square, rectangular or round model in soft pastel tones and colourful striking colours are individually decorated. Maximum style The small all-round talents can be carried at practically every occasion and in every situation. In the office, they are perfect for supplementing a second larger bag for your laptop and important notes. At a party they are chic with high heels, mini-dresses and modern jumpsuits.