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Hot, hotter – passion from la bella Italia! The bags from Italy have fire underneath them.

Dolce Vita at fashionette

Pizza, pasta and pouches: The Italians are well-known for their temperament and their excellent taste – and not only in cooking! They also shine with their top class feeling for fashion. There’s hardly another country that represents such high-class fashion, defining trends and traditional fashion sense more than Bella Italia. What makes Italian fashion so special? Here is the recipe à la mamma: Classic design is thrown into a pot with extravagant details, plenty of colour and colourful prints, then a pinch of high fashion is added and... tadaa! An avant garde look is served which has Italian roots and is loved by trendsetters all over the world.

Ciao bella – the Italian bags at fashionette

We’re all heated up for the hot-blooded bags made of finest leather. At fashionette we even have the crema di crema of the Italian fashion creators. And although there are quite a few talented designers from the land of artists, they have all found their very personal style. For example, Prada impresses with its classic designs, Gucci likes to explore the eccentric retro perspective and Furla loves designs with straight lines. The quality that unites all brands however is the emphasis on feminine look and love of their homeland. If we carry a bag from Italy, we feel very close to Italian flair. With the Sicily bag in animal and floral pattern by Dolce & Gabbana, the Sicilian diva in us is unleashed. The Motorcycle bag by Moschino transforms us into a cool biker chick who flits through the narrow alleyways of Milan on her Vespa. With the peekaboo by Fendi, we become a freshly sun-kissed fashionista from bella Roma. Which trendsetter are you? Find your favourite bag from the land where the lemon trees blossom at fashionette!