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Always an all-time favourite: With its nonchalant design and handles wrapped in a leather band, Chloé Marcie embodies the casual femininity that is every fashion girl’s dream.

Chloé Marcie – designed for romantics

The Chloé label knows how to enchant us not only with flowing silhouettes and romantic designs, but also to sweep us off our feet with style: Since its foundation, the collection has been characterised by a consistent dreamy look paired with a relaxed spirit. Natacha Ramsay-Levi, who has lead the French design house since 2017, hasn’t changed this either. Joy, naturalness and lightness – this is what defines a Chloé girl and Chloé the brand. The image turned into reality of this spirit and the classic of the fashion house is definitely the shoulder bag Marcie. Its filigree design paired with a youthful lightness lends the bag and its wearer a unique French sophistiquée. Made from fine calves leather and decorated with pretty leather appliqués, the Marci has a simple, nonchalant elegant effect in every season. Decorative seams, leather handles wrapped by hand and the two leather laces at the clasp give it a folklore touch from the 1970s.

The classic Chloé girl ...

is normally looking for a bag with soft edges and smooth materials that has an alluring simplicity and also a touch of bohemian vibes. All those who are in search of timelessness and quality have struck gold with the classic “Marcie”. She is the perfect supplement to styles with a pretty, Romantic touch and accompanies summery maxi dresses just as skilfully as modern flares with a discrete white blouse at the office. The Chloé Marcie does not only have a distinguished exterior, though, but offers optimal carrying comfort thanks to an extra strap on days when your appointment calendar is full. The practical benefits are a generously designed interior with an inside compartment and slot pocket. For activities outside the office it’s best to fall back on the smaller version that pierces the heart of boho girls with its round shape and as a cross-body bag.