Boots are made for walking, strutting, dancing – simply every occasion!

Boots and their below ankle versions have long surpassed the category of winter wear, making them the preferred shoe choice throughout the year as evidently co-signed by fashionistas like Alexa Chung, Gigi Hadid and Caro Daur, who all prove that they have a unique sense of style by combining edgy studded or lace-up boots with feminine ensembles. Try it for yourself and invest in a high quality pair of Balenciaga boots that’ll make a huge style contribution to your closet.

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Once merely a shoe celebrated for its functionality and exclusively worn by men whose profession required such protective footwear choices, boots have become a true style statement of their own. Starting out in the early 20th century, balenciaga boots experienced what can be considered a come up for an accessory, and ultimately entered the fashion olympus in the 70s when french Haute Couture labels like Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga presented a boot version whose shaft extended way beyond the calf – thus the thigh-high boots were born. Fast forward from then to circa now and you’ll find a manifold selection of different boot styles who have claimed their spot in the world of fashion.

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