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Big bags that create huge feelings of joy!

Large bag? But of course!

Ladies, we all agree: XXL bags are a great invention. We like to rummage about in them; love hiding our keys in them and are delighted when we suddenly discover some small change. As the first big bags turned up on the streets, some men were thinking: Too big, too cumbersome. But in fact, the opposite is true: They are our “best friend” for an extended shopping trip. And who would have thought that a little later, men would discover the big bag for themselves. Stylish carrying is popular, after all! Now we’ve yet another reason to walk in partner look with our darling – kind of: big bag for ladies meets oversize bag for men! And for all singles, the XXL variation is a matter of survival. It offers enough space to make a spontaneous dinner invitation possible, because make-up, deo, brushes, hair spray, emergency tights and perfume are ready in a jiffy. All thanks to Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs & Co.

In test: Do you suit a big handbag or the XXL Shopper?

Do you need something sturdy, preferably in neutral colours? These handbags are guaranteed to keep their shape and can also be closed with a zip. An adjustable shoulder strap gives you your hands free if necessary. In the main and side compartments you can store your notebook, water, snacks and wipes. The detachable inner pocket protects your briefcase and mobile phone. Yes of course, you are well organised – large handle bags are your mini-office, snack bar and beauty case in one. Spontaneity is your second name? And that’s why you love crushable XXL shopping bags – they’re good for shopping, the beach and short day trips. You know every new designer coup and own many of them yourself: Your big bag for college is called something like Balenciaga and is the 2017 lookalike of the Ikea bag. You are often travelling and are fashionably chaotic – of course, you always have your “personal shopper” with you, though!