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Shoulder straps at fashionette

Nowadays personal touches are very important. It doesn’t have to be a new handbag immediately. We simply match our favourite accessory to our outfit with an individual shoulder strap. Naturally this also works the other way around: Your look takes a back seat and the bag with a striking leather shoulder strap, with blossoms or fur, comes to the fore. Following the motto: Variety makes fashion life more beautiful. And depending on your current mood, a handle bag becomes a shoulder bag, and a clutch becomes a crossbody bag. The prerequisite for this is having stable elements to which you can fix the new belt, but these days most handbags have them. You don’t need any great DIY skills – simply hook the carabiner closure into the suitable eyelet and off you go. Et voilà – your “best bag” gets a fresh style upgrade with a few simple hand movements.

Good to know and it’s very easy: The right care for leather shoulder straps.

To ensure that you can enjoy your new shoulder straps for a long time, those made of leather require the correct care. The natural material changes its colour and texture as it ages, but you don’t have to put up with cracks, dirt and stains. It’s best to impregnate leather shoulder straps before first use. Bag straps that you use regularly should be treated with a care spray once a month. And if necessary, rub an oily cream into it every six months. This keeps the leather soft and supple. Choosing the correct care products depends on the respective type of leather. You can wipe down smooth leather with a damp cloth; for suede (nubuck or velour leather), there are special leather brushes that enable you to treat them when dry. The brushes remove dirt from the fibres and refresh the texture at the same time.