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Fulfils every requirement – Marc Jacobs watches

A ladies watch in black is too classic and boring? How about a model in soft rosé gold? In order to find the right blend of charming design and best quality, no-one has to look for very long, thanks to Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs watches are the perfect choice if a women wants something special on her wrist that contains elegance, sporty energy as well as beauty. These features sum up Marc Jacobs: The watch collection is a multi-faceted collection of curios with character. Every model is different but all underline the wearer’s feminine elegance and point to a young, fresh and dynamic character. Paired with high-quality fashion, Marc Jacobs watches are perfect for a Michelin-starred restaurant and on your holiday beach.

Counting the hours in this way puts you into a good mood

The attractive timepieces fulfil the requirements of modern urban fashion just as much as the exclusive premium look: Marc Jacobs watches are impressive with their clear, timeless designs in primarily metallic colours. Classics such as black and silver meet rosé gold or bicolour, which gives particularly the ladies watches a captivating appearance. Whether they have a leather armband or a metal one, the wrist watches will remain your companion for many years, embellishing every time of the day. They supplement classic look, harmonise with silk, satin and lace, and also look great with casual jeans. If you are intending to mix different jewellery materials together, it’s no problem because the models are allround talents and go with everything. Hollywood stars such as Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson and Selma Blair value this feature and are big fans of the brand. Which model of the three graces by Marc Jacobs do you want to wear most? Any Marc Jacobs watch would look great on you.