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Velvet bags

Applause from the fashion community for this sinfully velvet lady. With charm, shimmer and boundless luxury it’s become the queen of hearts.
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Royal greetings with velvet bags

Velvet has a very special charm: The fabric was elaborate and expensive to manufacture and this is why only the nobility and wealthy could afford this shimmering material. The exquisite fabric was used then and today as upholstery fabric for pillows or upholstery furniture as well as wall panelling or for lavish robes. Thanks to Gucci, velvet re-ascended to the throne of fashion in the form of opulent dresses, shoes and bags in 2017. Luxury designers such as Prada, Fendi and Saint Laurent joined in and presented shoes, jewellery and velvet bags in all variations in their recent collections. Whether it’s clutches, rucksacks, belt bags or shoulder bags – they create a soft contrast to the légère leisure look, to your evening attire and are also always an extremely attractive companion. Top investment!

Evening, everyday wear and sport – when is the best time to carry a velvet bag?

If the small, velvety Bucket bags are better for evening wear, the larger velvet bags can also be combined with an everyday look. It’s best to chose a minimalist shape and discreet details for the day. A velvet bag can be seen as a statement when carried with simple work clothes, and can be supplemented by matching velvet shoes. But it’s no problem to break this fashion rule when you go for a relaxing walk, because soft velvet also goes well with sneakers. While we’re on the subject of: “Does velvet actually go with sport?” Velvet bikinis are the first answer to this question, followed by tracksuits made of velvet as your perfect training partner. If you’re not quite sure, then chose a sporty bag made of velvet for example. The material loves breaches of style and fashionable opposites – and we do too!