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A new face in the bag fashion world

Serapian Milano is the latest “hot Italian” to be snapped up by fashionette!

The label was founded by Stefano Serapian and his partner Gina Flori just after the Second World War. Their very first designs caused uproar among Milan’s ladies right away, allowing Stefano Serapian to expand in quick order; he hired a couple of highly talented bag makers, whom he taught his very special kind of love affair with leather and his unique finishing style.

The label is synonymous for Italian elegance , exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technique to this day. Great examples are the famous Serapian mosaic and the much sought after Evolution models made of extra robust calfskin with a patented, multi-layer lacquer finish. Finally we can offer these wonderful bags right here at fashionette as well – benvenuto! ;-)


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