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Sequin bags

A hint of haute couture, a touch of the roaring twenties and a large portion of fashion are combined in the sequin bag.

The effect of sequin bags

If you thought sequin bags were only invented in the 1920s, you’d be wrong: These flat, round decorative items were just the thing to carry around with you in ancient Egypt, when they shimmered in a rich gold colour. Now designers such as Pinko, Michael Kors and Versace have brought the sequin bag back to the present day. Modern sequins are more colourful, louder and more glamorous than they have ever been. If carefully selected and cleverly combined, they retain their powers in the present day, creating a look of grace and glamour, 24/7 if desired. Sequin bags are looking for special women: Every sequin bag matches wonderfully with neutral tones for the day; paired with exciting patterns, the styling falls into the category of “something for very brave fashionistas” at night. Your delight in experimenting is increased with a striking bag and this gives you a sense of self-assurance and individuality. Conclusion: Nothing is more attractive than a strong and self-assured women with a striking bag!

Glittering and finely adorned: put more glamour in your daily life with striking bags

Life without a sequin bag would only be half as good. The sewn-on little plates reflect rays of light, which is perfect for evening wear. But not just for evenings: the glittering bags, in gold and silver especially, have become everyday city companions in recent seasons. Why is this? They satisfy our longing for particularly lovely things during our everyday lives too: This means that purchases, laptop and co. can be easily stored in sequin bags without hesitation. The look wins you over with shifting colours, glamorous shapes and an effect that gives radiance to every woman. With only one accessory, you give simple styles more elegance and break up looks that are just too cool: lederhosen, silk blouse, biker boots and a sequin bag to go with them – the perfect style mix. In any case, you have a free styling choice with the “glittering little plates”!