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Fashion aficionados around the world throw themselves at his feet and eagerly await the New York designer’s latest strokes of genius. His clothes and matching accessories are extravagant, but then again, so is Marc Jacobs himself. He is the punk that rocked the runways of the fashion world. Worldwide celebrities push each other out of the way just to have one of Marc Jacobs’ coveted pieces. The creative eccentric who founded the label is fiercely admired. Each new Marc Jacobs collection is breathtaking, and his designs can transform any woman into a supermodel. In the face of such creativity and versatility you have to ask yourself just how Marc Jacobs comes up with his ideas.

How does Marc Jacobs find his inspiration?

Marc Jacobs himself once revealed the answer during an interview: “It’s an instinctive affair.” Marc Jacobs’ fashion-cum-art is a gift that has made him so admired in the fashion world and has made his collections so incomparable. Marc Jacobs bags are designed with pure versatility and distinctiveness, and Marc Jacobs himself is always enchanting the world with his new ideas. Get your very own Marc Jacobs handbag today – Fashionette has tons of different styles available, all easy to order online.

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