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... set off chain reactions because the shiny accessories always cause a stir.

Revival – bags with chain handles!

A 1980s accessory experiences a true upsurge. Everyone knows about bags with chain handles from their mother or grandmother. Whether carried in your hands or as a shoulder bag, small rectangular leather bags. As a child, you were probably more fascinated by the gleam of the gold than the practical elements that chain handles incorporate, alongside their fashionable aspects. Chain links are intertwined in such a stable way that they can even carry well-filled bags without any problems. Often the matching leather strips are threaded through, giving additional stability. They also have a higher quality affect than handles made of plastic.

Who is leading who by the chain here?

It’s not only chains worn around your neck that look elegant; they also look great on handbags. They give an outfit either a nobler or more funky rock air, depending on their style of manufacture. The best thing: Styling faux-pas are impossible because a chain bag always works well! Gold chain handles have an extravagant, stylish and lady-like effect, particularly when they are featured on mini bags that you casual carry in your hand. Larger Shoppers with a silver chain bring more rock chic to your wardrobe. Particularly larger chain links with a patinated surface are great for grunge looks. Narrow silver chain links, as seen with Saint Laurent, Kenzo and Michael Kors, are allrounder models among the chain bags. Tip: A black bag with chain in silver goes best with a simple oversize blouse, ripped jeans and sneakers.