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The secret of the Prada Saffiano bags

The most famous invention of the popular Italian fashion label is the Prada Saffiano bag. Created personally by Mario Prada and exclusively patented by Prada for many years, the models are sold under the name Saffiano Lux and are a byword for quality in terms of workmanship and elegant design, all over the world. Made from the finest leather, the material is coated with a fine wax layer and embossed with a structured pattern by machine. This preparation makes the leather robust enough to withstand almost all stresses. The elegant pieces win you over with their classic shapes, the incomparably light glossy effect in leather, optical patterns and particularly resilient materials. The creation of the Prada Saffiano bag was a great moment in fashion: the combination of luxury and beauty in a perfect design. And naturally, to go with it there is also the matching belt in Saffiano Lux design.

Prada Saffiano bags - not only the devil wears Prada. We at fashionette do too.

If like us, you enjoy the creative process of combining outfit and accessories, then you will have plenty of fun with a Prada Saffiano bag. These classic beauties made of finest leather and in an elegant design add a stylish touch to every outfit. It’s fascinating to see how the bags can also perfect a business outfit and, at the same time, add an adult touch to a dainty summer dress. Both the Shopper, which has plenty of space for wandering through the loveliest boutiques, and also the simple clutch that supplements your evening dress are great options – it’s almost impossible to combine the Saffiano bag in an unsuitable way. How practical, then, that it is also available as a légère belt bag for particularly long shopping tours, when you can enjoy having your hands free. The loveliest belts and shoes are available to match the bags. The most famous Prada creation will raise your range of styles to a new level!