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Pop Art Bags

The art lover: no-one knows the scene better than her. She is creative, individual, a one-off and creates a sensation in every gallery.
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Pop Art bags: the arty trend!

Vernissages and exhibitions have long been events that people like to go to and spruce themselves up for. The clean all-black look is the so-called “uniform” of the art scene. Or sometimes the exact opposite: colours, colourful, even more colourful. Contrast colours, colour-blocking and patterns are the style pioneers – by designer bags, too. Pop Art is the catchword here! One word that you can whisper in the same breath as the fashionable “Appropriation Art” is Moschino. The label celebrates portable masterpieces and proves once again how well fashion and art go together. If you are looking for alternative brands, then you will definitely find some at Alessandro Enriquez, Marc Jacobs or Guess. Pop Art bag or rucksack – colourful patches and artistic prints are naturally included!

Popped up: artistic accents

“a little fun is great ...!” It would be unthinkable with classic colours: Candy colours are too subdued: beige tones are much too elegant. It’s for this reason that cartoon prints appear on handle bags, speech bubbles are placed on Shoppers and artistic Pop Art motifs can be found on Mini bags. This has one big advantage: You don’t need to put a lot of thought into the rest of your outfit. Perfect when you need to be quick and for women who don’t want to spend hours deciding on the perfect choice of outfit. Bags in Pop Art style work best with simple looks. Blue jeans and a white t-shirt are enough to display a Pop Art bag perfectly. Art Overkill is only something for the very brave! And they say that fashion is complicated.