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Mini portemonnaies are winners!

Mini portemonnaies are more sought-after than ever! Let’s just be honest: No trend has captivated us so much in most recent times as that of the Mini bag. They are particularly good for celebrating with and ensure that we only take what we really need when travelling. Shoppers stuffed full of items are much too heavy, even if they are so practical. With style and fashion sense we can pep up our favourite looks with small trinkets and are almost overwhelmed with the choice of models on offer. But what to do with our bankcards, notes and coins? Although the luxury companions in mini format are really lovely, they don’t offer much room for our belongings. Fortunately there are mini portemonnaies to match the trend! Small enough to fit in absolutely every bag, the mini wallets are here to save us. They come in different versions to match your bag – whatever you decide on, the new accessory will quickly find its way into your heart.

Lightness and freedom with mini portemonnaies!

You quickly pull out the mini portemonnaie at the till and then you’re ready to continue shopping. Fashionistas on the go place great value on keeping everything streamlined and uncomplicated, but they still want to radiate trend-awareness. Forget complicated partitions and long searches – you will find directly what you need here in neatly organised compartments. A further plus: These small organisation talents fit in every bag! Whatever model and brand you decide on, there are simply no limits to your creativity with the matching mini portemonnaie. Even when you stick with the small, black classic by Chloé or Saint Laurent, you can simply enjoy your new purchase even more with the right purse. Both trends are closely intertwined, thereby fulfilling several fashionable requirements and delivering an optimal win-win situation.