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Handbags in midnight blue Anyone can do black bags!

At the moment we’re loving handbags in midnight blue! They are just as elegant but not quite as classic. Midnight blue handbags in business, too It’s clear that everyone wants to give a respectable impression at times. Whether it’s an important business meeting or a job interview – a black bag is essential in many industries. But then there are moments in which one wants to give a business-like impression but allow a personal touch to flow in as well. In moments like these, the choice of the handbag can play a big role.

Handbag in midnight blue for day and night

The colour midnight blue has many positive characteristics that black doesn’t have. Handbags in midnight blue simply have a more modern, fresh effect. But as it is also a dark colour, handbags in midnight blue still have plenty of elegance. A handbag in midnight blue with gold-coloured hardware, for example, is a heavenly item of luxury. Designer brands that work with dark blue leather or patent leather include Michael Kors, DKNY, Lancel and Rebecca Minkoff. But also Coach, who are brand new at fashionette, know how to create a thoroughly convincing midnight blue. The American brand creates a simple but modern design that looks particularly good in midnight blue. Just as trendy but a little bit more youthful are the dark blue handbags of Marc by Marc Jacobs. But a handbag in midnight blue doesn’t just cut a fine figure at work or during your free time. Logically, it also goes wonderfully with denim. Dark blue handbags are also an eye-catcher when you go out in the evening. With a mini bag by Saint Laurent in “majorelle bleu” you will be queen of the night(blue handbag). So you can see that handbags in midnight blue can be deployed universally and it is high time for you to get your very own specimen. If you feel that things are a little too dark, you can also have a look at our other blue bags.