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Very faux but also just as good as the original! Faux leather bags are making their mark in fashion, without losing style and design aesthetics.

Faux leather bags – vegan, easy to care for and wonderful

faux leather bags are not just the perfect choice for those who live vegan lives. They are now not at all inferior to bags made of real leather in terms of their quality and touch; they are an excellent resource-saving alternative for which no animal has had to sacrifice its skin. Faux leather even has some advantages compared to real leather: It is more robust and less sensitive, because it is mostly made from a textile fabric with a soft plastic covering layer. It is therefore much easier to care for than real leather. Small stains can be easily removed with a wet cloth and then rubbed dry. Special faux leather sprays also help you care for your bag. Today you can find the best models at designers such as pioneer Stella McCartney, who has used faux materials since the very beginning, and Michael Kors or Guess also offer a wide range. Faux leather bags are no longer regarded as “cheap” but offer a true leather alternative of the highest quality. The difference is almost imperceptible, meaning that it’s easy to latch onto the eco-trend without any problems.

Many looks with faux leather

Ladies bags made from faux leather come in so many different versions that there’s sure to be a design for every style and occasion. The material comes in all colours, shapes and sizes: From the elegant clutch for an evening out with the girls to spacious Shoppers by MCM for a city stroll. Rucksacks are particularly good for more sporty street styles. The simple handbag as a companion for every day is naturally available in a faux leather version too, and there are even laptop bags or portemonnaies in the easy-care material. Whether it’s a statement in jazzy colours, classic in muted tones, in metallic look or with striking patterns – there are no limitations when it comes to what a faux leather bag can look like. This means that vegans and all those who are looking for an alternative, can find the matching handbag for every outfit – no matter what their look is.