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Wondrous: A bag for true ladies and women with power! Croco is one of the most sought-after luxury styles of all time.

Crocoloco: Croco bags in new and modern design

There’s hardly an accessory that stands for the feeling of pure luxury than a bag in croco look. The light protrusions in the leather, a glossy finish and very special touch make croco handbags a top class style statement. Whereas croco bags were originally sought-after for their exclusivity and rarity, today women love them for their exquisite look. Thanks to new, modern processing methods and the use of alternative materials, models can find their way into women’s wardrobes at affordable prices and in countless designs. Embossed cowhide is particularly popular, but vegans will also find suitable alternatives at fashionette: many models are made of faux leather, thereby protecting not only bag art but the animal kingdom. Whether it’s a matt or glossy finish, in classic black or powerful red, as a handle bag or Bucket bag: There’s something for everyone with this wide choice. Models from the Saint Laurent fashion house are particularly lovely, including the iconic Monogram bag as well as the Sac du Jour in fine croco look. Très chic!

Strong power pieces for seductresses

The croco handbag is unequalled, thanks to its exclusive look and should therefore be chosen to wear with an elegant classy outfit. For business, it’s best to grab a larger Tote bag or another handle bag that has a valuable look and subtle branding. Whereas a small flap bag or narrow clutch is the best choice for evening wear and cocktail dresses. Many models are turned into strong power pieces with spiky studs. This creates a completely new twist with funky rock attitude an a truly adult effect – perfect for an evening in the scene-bar or club. Match it with black jeans, a silk shirt and heels but watch out: This is not a look for women who prefer things gentle and dainty.