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Pack your swimming clothes, we’re off to the beach – you only have to say this once and bathing towel & co disappear very quickly into the Beach bag.

Beach bags are all-rounders

The thermometer is rising, the sun is shining and the open-air swimming pools have opened it’s perfect for a day at the pool, sea or lake. And how do you manage to transport your most important utensils from A to Sea? Exactly: with a beach bag. Ok, so they used to look nerdy and made out of plastic, but now they’ve become an important fashion accessory because the beach bag has received a true design makeover and wins us over with a refined cord closure, appliqués, fringes and embroidery. A spacious inside compartment for the large and bulky things; side compartments for your purse, mobile phone and jewellery as well as practical long handles for easy carrying are additional wow features. Made of robust and hard-wearing materials, beach bags are your perfect leisure companion. And now many top designers have at least one beach bag collection – from boho to classy – in their range. So you simply have to shop for your favourite model here immediately!

Cutting a good figure on the beach – how a beach bag can help complete your look!

The beach bag XXL is for the beach what the Shopper is for the city. The over-large bags are not only your saviour when you have to take your towel, sunglasses and bikini. Not at all! They area also your visiting card to show that you are absolutely en vogue. How does that look? Do you want the complete look. This means: Beach bags now come in a “matching bikini and towel” look or as canvas bags. VIPs on the society pages show us how to do it and we go and shop for the look: marine-blue bathing costume, matching beach or bast bag with stripes and round beach towel – with a ship motif of course. Beach bags do more than just look good, though. They are true space miracles meaning that we often like to use these summer bags for different purposes, such as a holiday shopping day. Because who wants to use boring grocery bags?!